Things You Need To Know About Bestseller Books.


There aren’t too many things that I can spend money on and not feel guilty about later. I don’t go on shopping sprees at the mall and buy things that I’ll never actually wear. I don’t live a plentiful life with material belongings that I have no need for. But, I do splurge on books. I could possibly spend hours in a bookstore. All I have to do is walk into Borders or Barnes and Noble and see the Bestseller Books aisle and I’m in heaven.

In my opinion, you can never have too many books or read too much. I’veread enough of the bestseller books to be about to advise a particular author to friends and family. Many of my coworkers know that they don’t need to go out and purchase the bestseller books they’re dying to read, if they wait a few weeks they can borrow mine.

I joined the Literary Guild book club years ago and have long since fulfilled my required duty. I love the fact that I can get most of the bestseller books for half the cost of the stores. Granted, I don’t always need to have them in hardback but that’s all the book club offers so that’s what I have scattered all over my house. If a book is worth reading, I can have it read in a weekend. My husband thinks it is ridiculous that I spend so much money on books and have them read within days. He doesn’t
understand that to me, books are an investment.

One thing that I have learned is that bestseller books are not always the best books on the market. I’ve read so many books that were written by new authors or little known authors and they have completely won me over. I’ve passed those books onto coworkers who have also have never heard of the authors. Usually, they will agree that these less known books are much better than the some of the bestseller books that are on the market.

Sometimes, I think that well known author books go straight to the bestseller shelves simply because of who the author is. Is that fair. No. But, that’s the way that market seems to work. Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I condemning the bestseller books that are on the market. I usually purchase books from those shelves knowing that they will be enjoyable. Being a hopeful writer myself, I’m hoping that someday my writings will turn into bestseller books as well. Until then, I will just keep on reading. And passing those books onto the next person.


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