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High Definition Television or HDTV has come a long way since the first blinking black and white televisions. It now can offer a near real life touch of audio and video for the consumers. If only TV screens can be like portals to another dimension.

Definition Of Terms

1. Analog TV

An analog TV is different from a digital TV that it can only transmit the video signal and nothing more. During the transmission of an analog signal, many kinds of problem can happen such as interference. Interference such as noise can distort the television picture.

Likewise, an analog signalcan cause the pictures to be snowy and distorted.

2. Digital TV

Digital TV signals on the other hand, can contain bits (ones and zeros) that are transmitted through a Digital Receiver that is otherwise termed as a tuner, decoder or set-top-box.

This digital receiver cracks the digital code resulting to an almost perfect image.

3. Digital Television (DTV)

Digital television was assigned with about 18 formats by the ATSC. Only about six of these eighteen formats are considered to be HDTV.

4. Standard Definition Television (SDTV)

Standard definition television or SDTV basically refers to transmission of digital signals with 480 line resolution. The resolution can either be scanned in interlaced or progressive formats.

Standard definition television offers a big improvement over the digital TV in picture resolution comparable to the edge of DVD over the VHS in quality.

Standard Definition television also eliminates the snow and ghosts inherent in NTSC analog formats.

4. High Definition Television (HDTV)

High definition televisions are digital televisions (DTV) that is the latest in TV technology. In terms of quality in audio and visual, high definition television is supreme over the standard definition television.

The Best Set Up For High Definition Television

The ideal situation when setting up an HDTV is by receiving a pure digital signal via cable. Receiving these digital signals via cable can be by DirecTV or by Dish TV HDTV.

Digital signals from DirecTV and Dish TV HDTV is received by a digital receiver and are displayed on a digital TV set.

The best set to receive DirecTv or Dish Tv HDTV is a front or rear projection HDTv or even plasma TV. These HDTV sets have a standard aspect ratio of 16:9.


Dish TV HDTV or Dish network usually transmits high definition broadcasts of special events, such as concerts or boxing events. Aside from this, subscribers of Dish TV HDTV can likewise watch special broadcasts of sporting events from the professional scene in high definition broadcast. Special broadcasts from such respected organizations such as NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc.

Dish TV HDTV also has an optional 8VSB tuner wherein subscribers can watch the local off air broadcasts via an off air antenna. These off air broadcasts transmitted by Dish TV HDTV are in high definition.

Some of the channels offered by Dish TV HDTV are Discovery Channel, HBO, CBS, pay per View, Showtime and NBA TV.

The Dish TV HDTV makes it relatively easy for subscribers to watch HDTv shows. A subscriber only needs to point the HDTV antenna to the Dish TV HDTV satellite, acquire a Dish Tv HDTV receiver and a HDTV ready television.

Dish TV HDTV offers no long term subscriptions. This is because high definition programs are at a very expensive price. Subscribers of Dish TV HDTV can choose from a range of movie channels, nature programming or educational channels that are of theater quality.

The 8VSB tuner for DIsh TV HDTV alone costs about US $ 149. Consumers can just imagine how much a long term subscription can cost when it comes to high definition television.

Dish TV HDTV requires the Model 6000U high definition television receiver. This receiver promises to bring sharper images and clearer sound right inside the living room bringing television programming into life.

This HDTV receiver promises to bring six tiimes the picture quality of a standard digital TV. The Dish Tv HDTV receiver includes an Enhanced HD adapter that is programmed to receive QPSK or 8PSK high definition signals.

Dish TV HDTV also offers free channels for the subscribers. The channels mentioned a while ago; HBO, CBS, Showtime and NBA TV are supposedly free to subscribers except for HBO which has a separate HBO subscription.


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