Interactive TV – A Dick Tracy World


Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers…

In addition to ending slavery in the United States, the Civil War lead to huge advances in technology and communications. Today, people watch Civil War programs on Interactive TV when ever they want to – free from network programming schedules. If Dick Tracy was around today, he’d have a cell phone with Interactive TV so he could watch news of himself every time he
solved a crime. Here’s a few thoughts on how Interactive TV will broaden children’s television experience.

Interactive TV for Kids – A Window on the WorldSure kids watch animated movies, sports, music videos, etc. just like their parents watched on network TV. Kids today know what a search engine is and how to use it. For them, interactive TV is child’s play. Young people interested in science, history, art, cars, etc. watch interactive TV programs and educate themselves like no generation before them.

Future of Interactive TV – How High the Moon?
The future of interactive TV is so bright, a person wonder’s why it didn’t exist fifty years ago. In case any one remembers, it was some fifty years ago the Russians sent up the “Sputnik” satellite and kicked off the space race. Interactive TV is just one of the many products that grew out of improved telecommunications of the cold war.

How Does Interactive TV Work – Interactive TV Guide
You turn on your TV set or cell phone and search for a program you’d like to watch.. I mean does anybody really care how interactive TV works? Of course not. Consumers care about how much Interactive TV costs, program availability, service and brand name. – Interactive TV providers spend lots of $$$ promoting their brand names to children.

Cell Phone CellCasts – Interactive TV Guide
Cell Phone CellCasts have turned adults into kids and kids into, well… how will kids growing up with interactive TV turn out? It’s a good bet they will receive a much broader education due to program diversity and low cost.

As a kid growing up, I read Dick Tracy comics with his wrist watch walkie talkie and never believed for a second I would own
one and could watch TV on it. What will they think of Next? what ever it is, you’ll see it first on Interactive TV!



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