Starting Good TV Habits Early


Have you ever heard of a proverb about training your child good manners while he or she is young because when he or she gets to be old, your child will hold true to it? It is a famous script form the book of Proverbs. It is an instruction on how to bring up a child. Many things are learned by your baby even in such an early age. As things are learned, habits are also formed. Good habits, especially with the TV habit, should be given special attention.
Sometimes, mothers, baby sitters or whoever adult it is that take care of the child, do not know the proper way to use TV set. For wanting to do all there is to be done around the house, the mother or the baby sitter will let the baby watch TV for as long as the he wants. Too much TV is detrimental to the child’s mental development, as they say. But, how much is too much?
How Long Is The Healthy TV Viewing?
According to AAP, if the child is below 2 years old, TV should greatly be discouraged because it hampers the child’s mental development. Studies show that making the child watch TV, who is below 2 years old, for more than two hours makes the child develop violent behavior, poor school performance and few food choices. Even if there are a lot of child-friendly TV channels, the results on the child’s mental development are the same. For children who are two years old and above, limit the time of TV for one to two hours only. The same thing is to be done on the child’s usage of computer and video games. If you can push it further, it is better to have no TV at all.
Sometimes, parents complain of having a total ban for TV. Many things are to be done in the house. When the child sits quietly in front of the TV set, the dishes are washed, the house cleaned and the dinner is prepared. Watching TV makes the child learn something new that cannot be found inside the house. It can also give the child’s caregiver a few moments for herself. Proper time limit on TV usage is advised.
How To Have Healthy TV Habits For Babies?
Healthy TV habits should be learned while young. Young children can be easily taught with good habits than with the older ones. So, here are some healthy TV watching habits to carry on at home with your little one. First, do a censorship on TV or video that your child wants to watch, and always put a limit to the period they spend on TV. It’s healthy as well to watch with them so you can explain the good things in the movie. Make sure you set the rules like, allowing your child to watch TV only after dinner. Be vigilant with commercials. Some commercials are not appropriate for child viewing. Other helpful and healthy TV-viewing habits to instill would be not to let the child over-eat while watching TV as it fosters a weight-gaining habit. Encourage other activities and games during commercials. This is a trick to destruct your child’s attention from unbecoming commercials.
As your child grows, good habits will be developed if you implement it properly now that he is young. TV is a good tool for educating your child. But, if not properly monitored, TV can also be an enemy that will cause bad effects to your child. Be careful and conservative on what your child is watching. Keep a healthy TV habits for your child to live by.


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